There are many types of meetings you can conduct with your team including: status updates, project meetings, brainstorming, or team building.

For a long time, I conducted my marketing team meetings as status updates to keep everyone up to date on what others were working on.

After conducting these meetings for several years, I realized we were using this time inefficiently.

Once the team was established and had clearly defined roles and individuals goals, I realized how inefficient the team status update meetings became. The team knew what each member was doing and they became driven to complete their objectives; frequently meeting in subgroups to make sure key projects and tasks were being completed. The status update meeting became more of a political meeting in that team members became less engaged with updates as they were already aware of the items from the subgroups. I frequently would see members of my team pull out their cellphones, which in my opinion is a failed meeting.

It will be harder to identify this with a virtual/remote team. If communication among the team is strong, they will lose focus and not pay attention to the virtual/remote call. We frequently found when presenting to the sales team, which was mostly remote, the engagement in presentations was less than 50% for some. These individuals would keep the call on mute and work on emails or search the web while key items were being presented.

How do you turn this around?

  • Clearly defined roles
  • Have clear communication between team members
  • Introduce new products or procedures
  • Request your team brings problems they are having so others can offer help
  • Use video to keep remote pariticipants engaged
  • Use this time for team building or group learning like:
    • – Inviting your staff to break up the stress by playing creative board games that require them to think, yet get them to relax and develop as a team

It doesn’t matter the size of the organization, meetings are a challenge. Just remember to keep the meeting goals clear to the team, and try to have some fun!

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