Working as a consultant I have met with different clients who were not aware of some of the additional features they needed to purchase from Marketo. This post address the top add-on surprises features.

Dedicated IP Address vs Shared IP Address

What is your current email volume? If you are sending over 2 million emails per month it is recommended you purchase a dedicated IP Address.  Anyone sending below this volume you might want to use the Shared IP Address.

Dedicated IP Address warming

If you are moving forward with purchasing dedicated IP be advised there are two ways to warm them.  Either you warm the IP address yourself or pay Marketo for the additional deliverability team service. I have warmed IP address both ways, and if your team has not previously warmed an IP address, I would recommend hiring a professional to assist you, either Marketo Deliverability service or a consultant.

API Calls

How many API calls do you plan on using? When you move onto Marketo there will be a configured limited number of API calls. Before moving forward with Marketo make sure you discuss with your development/IT team how many integrations you will need to create, and how many API Calls will be made.

Workspace and Lead Partitions

Will you be needing to separate your database between business units, locations? A few little things to know. One if your databases across business units are independent and have unique data mapping, Marketo will hide the data values, but when building a smart list (either in a smart list or a program) you will see all fields available inside of Marketo.

There are no purposeful duplicates across lead partitions.


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